The Measure Of Athleticism

“If you’re not assessing you’re just guessing”


The "Tempus Sig.” or “the Signature” for short is our proprietary measure of athleticism. We use the functional movement screen (FMS) and a host of speed and agility tests to create an athlete avatar: A snap-shot in time of an athlete’s physical capabilities and (future) risk of injury. Our assessments are:

  1. Body composition

  2. The FMS

  3. Vertical jump

  4. 10m dash

  5. Triple hop (or SL box squat if contraindicated)

  6. 5-10-5

  7. Upper body strength

The results of the Tempus SIGNATURE™ are used to build a unique athletic development plan. This plan addresses the 4 facets of athletic performance: Training, Recovery, Habit coaching and Fatigue management.