WELCOME to The ultimate workout

Small-group training, re-imagined.

Whether you want to become an athlete or just look more like one, ULTIMATE small-group training is for you.

This suite of classes is designed to create athletic minds and bodies. All ULTIMATE classes use industry-leading technologies and expertise, with programmes and methods from the greatest minds in athletic development. With a nod to mindfulness, movement preparation, strength training, conditioning and physical combat, you won’t find a more well rounded menu of small-group training on the planet.

Only our ULTIMATE membership grants access to the ULTIMATE™ in Team Fitness.

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STRONG™ is designed to build strength across a number of disciplines, including the primary barbell lifts (like squats, bench press and deadlifts) calisthenics (think pull ups, dips and push ups) and gymnastics.

Use the custom built Tempus “performance rig” as you work your way through various strength periodisation protocols, seeing your strength improve over time.



If you do just one class at Tempus, let it be this. Our 45-minute mobility and movement intensive takes you through the Tempus continuum of movement; Inhibit, Activate and Integrate!

MOVE programming uses breathing and relaxation techniques, along with mobility drills like hip openers and trunk stability drills like bear crawls to produce lasting improvements in movement quality. These positive changes are then put to use in a final workshop of our primary movements: the hip hinge, squat, push, pull and arm balances.

This class will improve your movement quality and capacity and is enjoyed best as a precursor to STRONG™.

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GO™ is a heart-rate monitored, high-intensity interval class designed to specifically target all 3 primary human energetic systems and optimize your calorie burn.

This method ensures maximum calorie burn during the class, while also creating an afterburn effect that keeps you burning more calories for as long as 48hrs after your class is done!

The cutting-edge heartrate technology and industry-leading HIIT programming used in Tempus’ GO™ allows our instructors to deliver workouts truly tailored to push you to YOUR limit, without ever compromising on technique or safety.



Take up the challenge and experience our adrenaline-pumping take on small-group boxing: 45mins of high-intensity boxing drills focused on improving your conditioning, toning your core and arms, and learning correct boxing technique.

Each station in a BOXA class focuses on a different element of boxing: agility ladders and jump rope to improve footwork, reflex bags to enhance defence/reaction time, focus pads for partner work and the heavy bags for some good ol’ fashioned hard hitters.

All of this paired with the capability to track heart rate and monitor calorie burn, with stat tracking and challenges.

Jump into a BOXA class and learn why boxing is regarded as one of the best all-round workouts known to man.